Most impressive Brand Touchpoints of Mercedes-Benz

As usual at the top of Story clash’s German Brand Ranking, Mercedes-Benz continues to be by far the most successful German brand in the social networks and can even extend its lead over Netflix and Audi. Mercedes-Benz was able to expand its interactions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by 37% to more than 3.96 million interactions. To emphasise their superiority take a look at these impressive Touchpoints.

1. Mercedes-Benz star: The word famous trademark is the Mercedes Star. At the time of its creation, Gottlieb Daimler developed engines for cars, ships and aircraft. They adapted the three-pointed star for the use as their brand logo. The star stands for three elements: land, water and air -each jap for one element. In combination of radiator mascot and badge the double promise of a good journey under the sign of the Mercedes-Benz star.

2. Mercedes-Benz Museum: The Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart was opened on 19 May 2006. It is the largest automobile museum in the world and the only place that present the history of automobiles from day one without any gaps. There are nine levels on 16,500 m2 , 160 stunning vehicles and more than 1.500 exhibits. The longest visitor path through the museum is 5km. Ben van Berkel won the architecture prize in 2002 with this extraordinary building.

3. Mercedes-Benz Museum: Two interconnected tours give an impression of a journey through time and of the fascination of technology. The exihibition is divided into myth rooms telling the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand and collectionrooms. The latter shows the diversity of the brand’s vehicles in a thematically ordered manner.

4. Silver Arrow: The Legend says that in 1934 the night before the Eifelrace starts, the white paint was sanded down because the car was heavier than in the regulations defined (751kg instead of 750kg). The racing car entered the race with a shiny silveraluminium sheet façade and won. Mercedes thereby played the leading role by driving up the rise of racing.

5. Customer service: The customer confidence index (KVI) for car manufacturers has currently a value of 60.7 percent. Mercedes-Benz has the highest level of customer confidence. Besides providing replacement vehicles until the optimal repair of the damaged car, Mercedes-Benz has excellent personal assistance onsite. Their customer service called „Service24h“ offers total availability.

6. Social Media: Mercedes Benz is the social media king. The company has the most followers on all social media channels with 47.7 million. Instagram is the clear pioneer. Mercedes publishes an average of 4,6 posts per day, almost twice as many as BMW shares. Just last year, Raphael Pöhn of Stroyclash delivered Mercedes Benz the Social Media Award for the best global automobile brand on social media in 2018.

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Image sources:
1. Mercedes Star / photo by Andrea Dantz / Flickr / CC Licences 
2. Mercedes Benz Museum / photo by Bastian Kratzke / CC Licences

3. Mercedes Benz Museum / photo by Oliver Martel Savoie / CC Licences

4. Silver Arrow / photo by Andreas Schuhmann / CC Licences
5. Customer Service / photo by Roman Bracht / CC Licences 
6. Social Media / photo by Luke van Zyl / CC Licences

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