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Digital Brand Management for the 21st Century

We Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Digital Brand Engagement and Education - effortless like social media, more effective than eLearning, more sustainable than trainings.

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What our customers say about us

I recommend Brandification to all brand owners who want to stay one step ahead with their brand work. In my opinion, an essential tool for brand management today.

Dr. Judith Meyer from BrandTrust
Dr. Judith Meyer

BrandTrust – Senior Brand Consultant

Brandification is essential to digitizing our brand management so we can accelerate our branding while keeping track of progress.

Tobias Walter from PCI Group
Tobias Walter

PCI Group – Head of Digital Marketing and Solutions

The Brandification App, which can be used intuitively, makes a decisive contribution to the targeted empowerment of colleagues from a wide range of corporate divisions on all aspects of the brand.

Felix Neugebauer from Zeiss
Felix Neugebauer

ZEISS – Brand Experience Partner


Employees learn intuitively and playfully what their brand stands for.


Employees regularly interact with the brand and are activated permanently.


 Track your brand worldwide at all brand touchpoints.

How the Brandification App works – explained in 90 sec.

Increase internal brand engagement with the Brandification App to turn your employees into Brand Ambassadors.

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors now.

Brandification App

Spark your employees’ passion for the brand 🔥

What is the essential, but most often overlooked factor for building a strong brand? It’s the employees who are passionate about the brand and live it at the brand touchpoints.

With the Brandification App, you can create an active, internal brand community. Brand awareness is created intuitively and playfully among employees that helps you achieve a company-wide implementation of the brand at its brand touchpoints.


Brandification Software

Drive consistent brand touchpoint experiences 📈

As Brand & Marketing Manager you design the brand experience where it becomes visible: At the brand touchpoint. TheBrandification Software helps you stay in control of the brand experience at your most important brand touchpoints.

With a precise overview of the brand touchpoint performance through real time feedback, you can make your brand tangible throughout the entire customer journey – for a better and more differentiated brand experience.


What the numbers say about us

individualised to
the brand

saving of
your resources

activation by
regular tasks




Turn your employees into brand ambassadors now.

The people behind Brandification

We developed Brandification with over 20 years of brand strategy consulting experience and more than 300 global market leader projects.

Brandification Team

News about Brandification

Flora Marchetto Sup de Luxe Luxury Brand Management

Interview with Flora Marchetto – Brand Manager at Sup de Luxe

Founded by Cartier in 1990, Sup de Luxe is the reference school for luxury management and recognized for its teaching team consisting entirely of professionals in the sector. Cartier Chair since then, Sup de Luxe welcome more than 400 students from all over the world every year, from the Bachelor to MBA and MSC. Flora Marchetto has been Brand Manager for Sup de Luxe for more than 2 years now and is proud of what the school became through these years – the alliance between tradition and innovation. Flora aspires to keep the school spirit of a historic school, while innovating as a brand. The opportunity of living abroad and meeting people from all around the world helped her export the French flair of her school to international students. Today we talked to Flora Marchetto about her work as Brand Manager in the luxury sector, about story-telling and about « le luxe cool »…

Gustav Kjellberg Awake Interview

Interview with Gustav Kjellberg – Brand Manager at Awake Electric Surfboards

Gustav Kjellberg is Brand Manager at the Swedish tech-startup Awake, a brand recognized for premium quality and delivery throughout the international yachting industry building premium electric watercraft. We talked to him about the importance of brand values, about sticking together and about blood, sweat, tears and Cake…


Interview with Reto Sidler – Head of Communications and Marketing at Greater Zurich Area

As Head of Communications and Marketing at Greater Zurich Area, Reto Sidler develops and manages the Greater Zurich brand to be an excellent and stable business and technology center. We talked to him about how digitalisation makes brand management easier and more complicated at the same time, and we found out who runs your brand if you don’t…

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