Apple’s brand fascinates like few others and the way Apple has created it goes far beyond communication. All of Apple’s brand touchpoints are carefully designed to manifest and strenghten it’s core values consistently. We have selected 5 impressive brand touchpoints that reflect how Apple orchestrates their unique Brand Touchpoint Experience.

1. Apple Stores: On May 19, 2001, the first Apple Store opened its doors. There are now more than 500 own stores in 25 countries, where the brand can be experienced. With the Apple stores, the brand started a radical reinvention of how technology is purchased. On the first weekend of the opening, more than 7,000 people visited the new store.

See how Steve Jobs introduces the first store

2. Keynote: Steve Jobs‘ keynotes are legendary. Probably the most impressive and best-known is his presentation of the iPhone in 2007. Through these presentations, Steve Jobs has created a unique Brand Touchpoint while other tech companies still exhibited at fairs. Apple attracts people. To date, the Apple Keynote is a remarkable brand touchpoint that gets tremendous attention.

3. Apple Park: Apple’s new home has been significantly planned by Steve Jobs. The building provides space for more than 12,000 Apple employees. The building clearly reflects Apple’s strive for greatness. Steve Job modestly described it as their best shot to build the best corporate building in the world.

Amazing Drone Flight over the Apple Park

4. Products: Apple products strive for perfection. When creating products, the the focus is on simplicity, ease of use and intuitive design. And their strategy pays off as Apple has been breaking sales records with every new product launch. The first iPad was sold over 3 million times in 80 days.

5. Apple employees: The employees at Apple have only one goal: to make the customer happy. For this purpose, Apple relies on intensive training in the stores and support area – APPLE: Approach, Probe, Present, Listen, End.

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