The most effective digital tool to turn employees into brand ambassadors

The people in the organisation are the cause of growth. Today, more employees feel motivated by sense and values and carry these outwards. Brand provides the framework for this. And with brandification you create a lively employee brand community for a consistent experience at the brand touchpoint.

Brand Engagement & Education

Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Increase internal brand engagement with the Brandification App

What happens outside your office from a brand perspective?

More than half of the brand and marketing managers we surveyed want to know exactly that.

After all, they do not have an exact overview of all brand touchpoints yet, be it at the POS, in branches, in out-of-home advertising, on product packaging, etc.

With Brandification, they effectively capture and shape the brand experience where it counts: at the brand touchpoints.

Keep control of your brand  experience

Collect touchpoints across teams and departments

Collect and document hundreds of brand touchpoints quickly and easily and get the most accurate overview of the status quo of your brand world.

Bring your brand to life

Evaluate and optimize brand touchpoints together

Make rapid progress in implementing improvements at your brand touchpoints, share achievements, and inspire colleagues with new ideas for your brand touchpoints. This way, you enable a differentiated brand experience.

Create a brand learning effect

Playfully involve colleagues

A brand can only be effective when all employees know, understand and apply the meaning of the brand. With the Brandification App, you have the most playful training tool on the subject of brand at your disposal. Make brand conversions easier than ever and create a common understanding of your brand.

Activation for permanent brand ambassadors

Technology & Brand Engagement Canvas

In addition to the app technology, we also offer you a Brand Engagement Canvas tailored to your company to ensure the achievement of your goals.

individualised to
the brand

Saving of
your resources

Activation by
regular tasks

Vorteile der Brandification App

Kosteneinsparung, Effektivität & mehr

Mit der Brandification App optimieren Sie Ihre Kosten & Effektivität im Brand Management.


Mit der Brandification App sparen Sie 80% Ihrer Ressourcen und damit einiges an Kosten ein. Sie benötigen so auch keine zeitaufwändigen, kostenspieligen Präsenztrainings mehr, die meist nur einmalig stattfinden.


Im Gegensatz zu Markentrainings im Intranets, die nur gelegentlich genutzt werden und bei denen auch oft kein besonderes Engagement stattfindet, fördern wir mit der Brandification App direkt das Mitarbeiter Engagement.


Durch die Möglichkeit einer Kommentar- und Like-Funktion fördern wir mit der Brandification App Ihr Mitarbeiter-Engagement um ein Vielfaches. Funktioniert so einfach wie Instagram speziell für das Brand Management.


Touchpoints können einfach fotografiert und bewertet werden. Ihre Mitarbeiter können untereinander Touchpoints liken, kommentieren und Favoriten anlegen und eine Übersicht über die Bewertung der Touchpoints einsehen.

More brand success for your company?

Design the brand experience where it starts: At the brand touchpoint. In a free demo we show you how Brandification contributes to your brand success.