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Most impressive Brand Touchpoints of Siemens

The Siemens strategy of achieving „sustainable success“ is based on the corporate culture. With values such as respect, focus, initiative and implementation strength, Siemens is one of the world’s largest electrical engineering and electronics companies. The Siemens Group has 125 locations in Germany, is represented in 190 countries and employs 385000 people, of whom around 117000 work in Germany.

1. Siemens Headquarter: After six years of project duration and three years of construction work, the new Siemens headquarter in Munich was officially opened on June 24, 2016. The company created a new and modern workspace for 1200 employees on 45000 square meters on the upper floor. Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency play a special role: The new building meets the world’s highest standards for sustainability.

2. Trade fair: As early as 1949, Siemens presented its product range on approximately 200 square meters at the export trade fair in Hanover. Even then, Siemens placed great importance on a well-designed exhibition stand that also matched the theme of the fair. Even today, Siemens is often characterized by eye-catching exhibition stands. In the meantime, the presentation area has grown by more than 17 times and currently covers around 3500 square meters.

3. Intercity Velaro: The Velaro high-speed train was developed for the world market and enables travel to international countries such as Turkey, China, France and Spain. In the meantime, more than 1.4 billion kilometres have already been covered with an average of over 500.000 kilometres per year. The maximum speed of the trains is 403 km/h and has a punctuality rate of over 99%. The Spanish Velaro E, for example, has been reliably transporting its passengers from Madrid to Barcelona for years – with 625 km of track in less than 2.5 hours.

4. DanTysk wind farm: In 2017 Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa announced their merger. By combining their product ranges, they are able to present a unique product portfolio and service for onshore and offshore wind power in over 90 countries. With offshore wind farms such as the DanTysk wind farm, which has generated 1.3 billion kWh of electricity annually with a total of 80 3.6 MW wind turbines, Siemens Gamesa is keeping its promise of environmental protection as a fundamental element of its culture. The company has become one of the largest industrial companies in the wind energy sector.

5. The needle telegraph: The electric needle telegraph developed by Werner Siemens at the end of 1846 is still the basis of Siemens‘ corporate history today. The needle telegraph revolutionized communications technology. In contrast to the Morse telegraph, the needle telegraph enabled even untrained people to transmit text messages for the first time. New developments and innovations continue to shape the Siemens business model to this day: Ingenuity for life.

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